Tangible digitization – Part 2

By Tina Schneider in Media and Storytelling


On the trail of the accessible tactile experience, the Mediasphere For Nature team continues with the development of an upscaled tactile model of a dor beetle. This article shows current project developments and provides an outlook on the final project stage. 

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Tangible digitization

By Tina Schneider in Media and Storytelling


A current Mediasphere For Nature research project not only examines the topic “accessibility”, but also provides an innovative example of how to re-use our in-house collection objects. The focus is on a small inhabitant of our native wildlife: the dor beetle.

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Into the future with mealworms, bacterial cellulose and fungi

By Nadja Heinisch und Nadja Tata in Events


The innovation workshop FLORA FAUNA FUTURE shows explores in a self-experiment future possibilities with innovative materials from nature.

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Speculative biosphere - an experience report on the innovation camp ‘Gestaltungsmaschine’

By Laura Kaiser & Jens Dobberthin in Events


How will artificial intelligence (AI) shape the economy and society of tomorrow? What does AI mean for the interaction between man and machine? And what does AI have to do with collaborative creative processes?

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Hey Mediasphere! Show me insects!

By Jens Dobberthin in Lab


Wouldn’t it be great if our research portal obeyed to our words? Our intern Douglas gave it a try.

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Insects to go

A guest contribution By Michael Scheuerl in Lab


Unfortunately, the majority of the approximately 15 million insects from the collection of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (MfN) has never been seen by visitors of the exhibition. But this is changing slightly – with the help of a fancy poster!

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