Snail Sounds from Patterns

By Christel Clerc & Nadja Tata in Media and Storytelling


In the project MuShell – Music of the Shell, students from the TU Berlin make the diversity of patterns in nature audible. Inspired by the visual association between cylinder music boxes and conical snails, they transform the patterns of snail shells from the mollusk collection into musical scores. In doing so, they open up a new sonic approach to the collection and create 3D models for creative reuse.

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Cooperation instead of competition

By Kira Scherlies in Events


Bionic solutions for business and organisations: Successful Networking Lab in the Museum für Naturkunde

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Explore STEM subjects yourself and deepen your knowledge through experiments

By Mediasphere Team in Events


With neuronut ’s learning app, students can explore STEM subjects themselves and deepen their knowledge through experiments.

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