3D models of historical collection objects

By Nadja Tata in Mediasphere


What do a malachite, the nest of a weaverbird, an albino jackdaw and a Hercules beetle have in common? All of them belong to our dataset of 3D models of historical collection objects, published for the first time on the museum’s data portal under a free license in September 2022.

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Data portal as creative engine

By Tina Schneider in Media and Storytelling


A constantly growing selection of digital collection objects of the Museum für Naturkunde is freely accessible to all interested parties in the data portal. What creative or experimental possibilities arise from this offer and what might example projects look like? Together with nine international Master’s students from the ifs Internationale Filmschule Köln, we explored this question. For the first time the data portal became part of a curriculum at a higher education institution.

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Collection discovery simply explained

A guest contribution By Martin Wimmer & Max Kaplan in Media and Storytelling


What do you have in your collection? Why do you want to digitize it? How exactly do you do that? What’s in it for us? Probably every museum knows these questions. With this healthy curiosity, visitors and users of exhibitions and collections make museum employees ponder. How can you answer such complex questions quickly? Quite simply: with short explanatory films.

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