3D models of historical collection objects

By Nadja Tata in Mediasphere


What do a malachite, the nest of a weaverbird, an albino jackdaw and a Hercules beetle have in common? All of them belong to our dataset of 3D models of historical collection objects, published for the first time on the museum’s data portal under a free license in September 2022.

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Tangible digitization – Part 2

By Tina Schneider in Media and Storytelling


On the trail of the accessible tactile experience, the Mediasphere For Nature team continues with the development of an upscaled tactile model of a dor beetle. This article shows current project developments and provides an outlook on the final project stage. 

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Virtual Natural Order between Art and Science

A guest contribution By Marlene Bart in Events


“Theatrum Radix” is a transdisciplinary exhibition project with an associated series of events. It is a cooperation of the artist Marlene Bart with the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and the Tieranatomisches Theater , which will be realized in May 2023.

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Tangible digitization

By Tina Schneider in Media and Storytelling


A current Mediasphere For Nature research project not only examines the topic “accessibility”, but also provides an innovative example of how to re-use our in-house collection objects. The focus is on a small inhabitant of our native wildlife: the dor beetle.

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Snail Sounds from Patterns

By Christel Clerc & Nadja Tata in Media and Storytelling


In the project MuShell – Music of the Shell, students from the TU Berlin make the diversity of patterns in nature audible. Inspired by the visual association between cylinder music boxes and conical snails, they transform the patterns of snail shells from the mollusk collection into musical scores. In doing so, they open up a new sonic approach to the collection and create 3D models for creative reuse.

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