Mediasphere Meetup 2023

By Nadja Tata in Events


How can the digital media of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin be reused in a creative, sustainable and diverse way? After a pause of three years caused by the pandemic, we invite our network and all interested parties to the Meetup at the museum on May 15, 2023 where we present current results of our collaborations, this time with a focus on educational partnerships.

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3D models of historical collection objects

By Nadja Tata in Mediasphere


What do a malachite, the nest of a weaverbird, an albino jackdaw and a Hercules beetle have in common? All of them belong to our dataset of 3D models of historical collection objects, published for the first time on the museum’s data portal under a free license in September 2022.

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Virtual Natural Order between Art and Science

A guest contribution By Marlene Bart in Events


“Theatrum Radix” is a transdisciplinary exhibition project with an associated series of events. It is a cooperation of the artist Marlene Bart with the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and the Tieranatomisches Theater , which will be realized in May 2023.

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Touch and feel: tactile panels with Spotted Woodpecker, Mason Bee & Co.

By Nadja Tata (MfN) in Mediasphere


As of this fall, birds and insects can be experienced in the tactile exhibition “Bahnbrechende Natur” at Schöneberger Südgelände. The templates for the 3D graphics are objects from the collection of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

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Inside Tumucumaque

A guest contribution By Stephanie Wieck (IMF) in Mediasphere


What would it be like if we could move like a frog through the undergrowth of the Amazon rainforest? Float through the water like a caiman waiting for its prey? Or take off and circle the treetops of the rainforest like a harpy?

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Naturkunde 365/24 ends, Mediasphere For Nature stays

By Nadja Heinisch in Mediasphere


After more than three years, the project “Naturkunde 365/24”, financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the State of Berlin, is coming to an end. Through this funding, the Mediasphere For Nature was established as THE multimedia application lab at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

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The colourful crawling - magnificent beetles within reach

By Nadja Heinisch in Mediasphere


They are truly magnificent to look at – the 96 jewel beetles of the genus Buprestidae, Julodinae that, since the beginning of the year, can not only be gazed at but also purchased as a poster in the museum shop.

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Please don’t touch!?

By Mediasphere Team in Mediasphere


…Sure! Our cooperation partner MAGIX Software GmbH brings the open (research) museum into the living room as a 360° shot.

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With high-tech into the stone age!

By Mediasphere Team in Mediasphere


The virtual reality showcase „Caveman VR“ , designed and realized by TRIAD Berlin , puts the user in an archaic primeval situation. Starting point of the experimental journey is a fireplace, which can be experienced in an audio-visual and even haptic way.

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By Mediasphere Team in Mediasphere


For the 20th Lange Nacht der Museen 2017, Garamantis has developed an interactive multi-touch application that innovatively combines knowledge and fun for all ages.

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