Data portal: Update

By Jens Dobberthin in Lab


We used the summer break and updated the data portal. We briefly present the most important changes here.

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Getting started with the API

By Jens Dobberthin in Lab


This blog post is the prelude to a series of posts in which we show how you can use the API of the data portal to build your own data-driven applications. As a starter we will serve an interactive map inside a Jupyter Notebook.

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Everybody likes Maps

By Jasper Funk-Smit in Lab


Everybody likes Maps, and when a collection is so large and diverse as ours it can be useful to get an idea about where all these bugs, minerals, sounds, fossils and other items actually came from. To facilitate this we developed a tool called Map Explorer which is an integrative part of our recently launched Data Portal .

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The barrier-free crocodile – an exhibit for the senses

By Nadja Heinisch und Eva Waldherr (werk5) in Lab


In a cooperation project of the Mediasphere For Nature and werk5 , an original specimen of a saltwater crocodile from the collection of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin was digitized by 3D scanning. A full-size 3D model was created that cannot only be admired visually but can also be explored through our senses of hearing and touching.

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Skelex - Touching and dismantling allowed!

By Nadja Heinisch in Lab


‘Skelex’ is a virtual reality application that allows users to interactively explore exhibits of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. What is usually forbidden in the museum becomes possible with the virtual application: grabbing and pulling objects apart and much more.

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Animal Beatbox

By Tina Schneider and Nadja Tata in Lab


While we all try to avoid personal contact and possible infection with the corona virus, digital offers provide an entertaining potential despite all the restrictions of everyday life. Mediasphere For Nature would therefore like to present to you old friends from projects of the past years and thus offer a little bit of nature-related information and entertainment.

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Seeing the past in full color

By Jens Dobberthin in Lab


Last week at the 2019 IIIF Conference I presented an experimental IIIF image server with support for colorizing black-and-white images. Read here why we started it.

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Cutting out snails made easy (part 2)

By Jens Dobberthin in Lab


At Coding da Vinci OST , the SnailSnap -Team won the Best Design Award. Now everyone can turn themselves into snails on the MS Wissenschaft . In the second part we show you how to cut out the snails more easily.

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Go JibJib

A guest contribution By Alexander J. Knipping in Lab


A recent article in iX - Magazin für professionelle Informationstechnik - highlights the DevOps approach for a machine learning project for birdcall recognition.

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Hey Mediasphere! Show me insects!

By Jens Dobberthin in Lab


Wouldn’t it be great if our research portal obeyed to our words? Our intern Douglas gave it a try.

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