MediaLab Meetup digital

By Nadja Tata (MfN), Andrea Geipel (DMD) and Johannes Sauter (DMD) in Events


On September 17th, Mediasphere For Nature and Deutsches Museum Digital Munich will kick off their joint Meetup series. The first tandem event will take place digitally and will deal with questions about the possibilities of cooperation between media professionals, students and museum-held media application labs (MediaLab).

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Into the future with mealworms, bacterial cellulose and fungi

By Nadja Heinisch und Nadja Tata in Events


The innovation workshop FLORA FAUNA FUTURE shows explores in a self-experiment future possibilities with innovative materials from nature.

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Speculative biosphere - an experience report on the innovation camp ‘Gestaltungsmaschine’

By Laura Kaiser & Jens Dobberthin in Events


How will artificial intelligence (AI) shape the economy and society of tomorrow? What does AI mean for the interaction between man and machine? And what does AI have to do with collaborative creative processes?

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Cooperation instead of competition

By Kira Scherlies in Events


Bionic solutions for business and organisations: Successful Networking Lab in the Museum für Naturkunde

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Mediasphere with partner imf on the first GSRM

By Ricarda Probst in Events


From 4th to 6th November 2018 representatives of the world’s leading research museums met at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin for the first Global Summit for Research Museums to exchange views on the future of research museums.

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NEEEU and sooo creative

By Mediasphere Team in Events


Together with NEEEU Spaces GmbH we made a lot of ‘Vogelgezwitscher’ at this year’s Lange Nacht der Museen

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Memory training with media of the museum

By Jessica Hübner in Events


At the workshop ‘Hacking the Museum’, we show you how memory training can work.

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Explore STEM subjects yourself and deepen your knowledge through experiments

By Mediasphere Team in Events


With neuronut's learning app, students can explore STEM subjects themselves and deepen their knowledge through experiments.

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Virtual reality experience: the ‘Skelex’ application at the Wikimedia general meeting

By Mediasphere Team in Events


The Wikimedia community was excited about an interactive framework program on 26th May 2018 during their general meeting.

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Inside Tumucumaque in the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe officially launched

By Melanie Krauth in Events


‘Is Zelda here too?’, asks one of the children who are waiting in the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe in front of the door of the Atrium. No, Zelda is not waiting for them in the virtual world of Inside Tumucumaque.

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