MediaLab Meetup digital

By Nadja Tata (MfN), Andrea Geipel (DMD) and Johannes Sauter (DMD) in Events


On September 17th, Mediasphere For Nature and Deutsches Museum Digital Munich will kick off their joint Meetup series. The first tandem event will take place digitally and will deal with questions about the possibilities of cooperation between media professionals, students and museum-held media application labs (MediaLab).

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The barrier-free crocodile – an exhibit for the senses

By Nadja Heinisch und Eva Waldherr (werk5)


In a cooperation project of the Mediasphere For Nature and werk5 , an original specimen of a saltwater crocodile from the collection of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin was digitized by 3D scanning. A full-size 3D model was created that cannot only be admired visually but can also be explored through our senses of hearing and touching.

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Skelex - Touching and dismantling allowed!

By Nadja Heinisch in Lab


‘Skelex’ is a virtual reality application that allows users to interactively explore exhibits of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. What is usually forbidden in the museum becomes possible with the virtual application: grabbing and pulling objects apart and much more.

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Inside Tumucumaque

A guest contribution By Stephanie Wieck (IMF) in success stories


What would it be like if we could move like a frog through the undergrowth of the Amazon rainforest? Float through the water like a caiman waiting for its prey? Or take off and circle the treetops of the rainforest like a harpy?

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Animal Beatbox

By Tina Schneider and Nadja Tata in Lab


While we all try to avoid personal contact and possible infection with the corona virus, digital offers provide an entertaining potential despite all the restrictions of everyday life. Mediasphere For Nature would therefore like to present to you old friends from projects of the past years and thus offer a little bit of nature-related information and entertainment.

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Naturkunde 365/24 ends, Mediasphere For Nature stays

By Nadja Heinisch in Mediasphere


After more than three years, the project “Naturkunde 365/24”, financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the State of Berlin, is coming to an end. Through this funding, the Mediasphere For Nature was established as THE multimedia application lab at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

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Into the future with mealworms, bacterial cellulose and fungi

By Nadja Heinisch und Nadja Tata in Events


The innovation workshop FLORA FAUNA FUTURE shows explores in a self-experiment future possibilities with innovative materials from nature.

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The colourful crawling - magnificent beetles within reach

By Nadja Heinisch in Success stories


They are truly magnificent to look at – the 96 jewel beetles of the genus Buprestidae, Julodinae that, since the beginning of the year, can not only be gazed at but also purchased as a poster in the museum shop.

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Innovation and cooperation for nature

By Carmen Schucker & Nadja Tata in Events


Networking, exchanging and creating new things: At the Mediasphere Meetup in the Experimental Field on August 14, Johannes Vogel, Director General at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, welcomed a delegation from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (Division Innovation and Technology).

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Seeing the past in full color

By Jens Dobberthin in Lab


Last week at the 2019 IIIF Conference I presented an experimental IIIF image server with support for colorizing black-and-white images. Read here why we started it.

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