Memory training with media of the museum

Jessica Hübner

By Jessica Hübner
17.08.2018 | 5 minutes reading time

At the workshop ‘Hacking the Museum’, we show you how memory training can work.

Screenshot of the final game with paintings form Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg
Screenshot of the final game with paintings form Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg

At the Informatica Feminale and Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni in Bremen, our web developer Melanie and our student assistant Antje gave an introduction to JavaScript. With the help of our tutorial, the eight participants learned to programme their own memory game during the two-day workshop. Among other things, the workshop taught them how to use the IIIF-Standards to retrieve images from the museum API and integrate them into the game. Four different media packages were available for this, one with the drawings of Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg. We’ve published the code and all related documents on GitHub for you to rebuild.

Impressions from Bremen, photo: Antje Goldau
Impressions from Bremen, photo: Antje Goldau

The Informatica Feminale and Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni are organized annually in cooperation with several departments of the University of Bremen. The special thing about these courses is that they are aimed at women from all faculties who would like to get an insight into the topic. Around 200 female participants have registered this year to expand their knowledge on computer science and engineering in about 65 courses on offer. A well-balanced supporting programme with many excursions, in which both female participants and lecturers can take part, rounds off the three-week summer university.

The workshop was a completely new experience for our team. Not only did we receive very useful feedback on our first tutorial, but the participants also enjoyed it very much. In the end, each participant went home with a finished memory game, which can also serve as a basis for further, own JavaScript projects. Because of this enriching experience, we are already thinking about how to design our next tutorial. So maybe we’ll meet again next year in Bremen.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants for taking part and wish you lots of fun with the specially programmed memory game!

We would also like to thank the organizing team of the summer schools for their great coordination and kindness!